Regardless of whether we’re constructing media for marketing or developing premium content for entertainment, our foundation doesn’t change.

Sketchbot Media is built on authenticity, ingenuity, and uncompromising quality. We are living proof that creative professionals really do exist.

  • Shaun Knudsen

    When we commissioned Austin Craig [of Sketchbot Media] to help us make a superior ‘Kick Starter’ video we expected a lot. What we got blew our minds. On a reasonable budget, Austin made us look like a million bucks. Getting my ugly mug to shine on camera isn’t easy, but Austin and his team were up to the challenge. What stood out to me was how his production grabbed the viewers attention and didn’t let go. The innovative camera shots and seamless editing really delivered a polished and professional product. Austin really has an eye for the dynamic visual and his coaching made me feel like I was at my best when I was on film. I highly recommend Austin Craig and his team as cutting edge film makers.

    Shaun Knudsen

    Shaun Knudsen
  • Darren Murph

    “Austin [from Sketchbot Media] is second to none. His ability to distill down a complex story, choreograph the scenes that are most impactful, and weave it together is truly exceptional. In a world with shrinking attention spans, Austin’s work remains attention grabbing and impossible to look away from, all while remaining authentic to the client he’s working with. “ — Darren Murph, former managing editor at Engadget, founder Page 52 Consulting

    Darren Murph